/ / The castle Borely: photos, description (Chateau Borely)

The castle Borely: photos, description (Chateau Borely)

The Borely castle in Marseille is located in the eponymous Park on the Avenue du Prado. The castle and the Park was founded in the XVIII century by Joseph Borély, Marseille representative of the rich family, the members of which were engaged in trade and were shipowners.

In the mid-nineteenth century, when rod Borelli faded, the Park and the castle became the property of the municipality and was transformed into a public place. Now in the Park, which is recognized as one of the most beautiful and green areas of Marseille and is a favorite place of walks of townspeople, divided into several themed gardens. Among them are Japanese, Mediterranean, herb gardens, garden vines, and gardens in English and French styles. In addition, in 2002, the Park Borely has been moved to the Botanical garden, founded in 1915. The entrance to the grounds, unlike other gardens of the Park, paid. In the Botanical gardens growing rare and exotic plants. The Park covers an area of about 17 hectares, they provided a place for picnics and a Playground. Borély Park is included in the list of notable gardens of France.

The Borely castle was built as a country house in classical style, from 1936, it is recognized as a historical monument. In this century the castle was for several years closed for restoration, after which within its walls was opened in the Museum of decorative arts, earthenware and fashion, and previously placed in the castle Museum of Mediterranean archaeology has moved to another historic building.

The Museum located in the castle, has one of the best in France, a collection of faience products, as well as collections of paintings, Dating from the XX century, subjects in the art Deco style and a collection dedicated to contemporary fashion. Overall the visit to this Museum gives an idea about the art of the past century.