/ / The castle of Brissac: photo, description Chateau de Brissac)

The castle of Brissac: photo, description Chateau de Brissac)

Brissac castle is located in the French Department of Maine-et-Loire, 15 kilometers from the city of Angers. The castle was built in XI century by Fulcom Black, count of Anjou.

In the XIII century, after the victory over the British, the castle passed to the king of France Philip II Augustus, who gave it to his Seneschal, Guillaume de Roche. In 1435 the castle of Brissac moved to Pierre de Breze, a rich Minister of king Charles VII in 1455 was completed reconstruction of the castle. The next owner of the castle is the son of Pierre, Jacques de Breze - known for having killed his unfaithful wife here - the illegitimate daughter of the king, Agnes Sorel, Charlotte de Valois. It happened on 1 March 1462, and legend has it that to this day on rainy nights the Ghost of this woman appears in the castle in the image of the ladies in white.

In 1502 the castle of Brissac becomes rené de Cosse, the king, Francis I appoints as his vicar in the provinces of Maine and Anjou. A descendant of Rene - Charles de Cosse during the Huguenot wars in France, took the side of the Catholic League, and his castle was besieged by troops of king Henry IV. But in 1594 Charles over to the side of the king, was appointed a Marshal of France, and in 1606 he was returned to the castle Brissac who have been, however, considerable damage. In 1611, Charles received the title of Duke de Brissac.

The restoration of the castle of Brissac, was designed by the architect Charles Corbin. After restoration the castle became the tallest castle of France, consisting of eight floors and 200 rooms. The facade of the castle is in the Baroque style of the XVII century.

In August 1620, the château de Brissac was "neutral ground" for meetings between warring Queen mother Marie de Medici and king Louis XIII. They concluded a truce, which was marked three days of festivals, but the peace did not last, and soon Marie de ' Medici was again sent into exile.

Dukes de Brissac owned its castle before the great French revolution. In 1792, the castle housed troops of the revolutionaries, who then had him sacked. The castle lay in ruins until 1844, when the surviving heirs of Roda de Brissac returned the castle to his property and began restoration work.

In 1890 the castle, which was ruled by the granddaughter of a wealthy French economist say, was founded the theatre. It was restored in 1983, and now the annual festival.

In the twentieth century owners of the castle proposed to build here a Museum, and in 1939-1940 in the castle appeared first exhibits. The furniture was brought from Versailles, paintings and decorative art objects from various museums, including from the Elysee Palace. The castle of Brissac was still moved the Treasury of the Angers Cathedral. In creating the Museum featured various figures of culture and art of France, including Andre Lot, Paul valéry, and others.

In 1944 the castle was attacked by five German soldiers who killed a local gardener. About it in his memoirs wrote the previous owner of the castle - the Duke Simon de Brissac.

Now the castle still belongs to the Duke de Brissac. In the castle are annually held Christmas fair, Easter hunt chocolate eggs, flower festivals and competitions balloon.