/ / Castle Bumw: photos, description Chateau de Boumois)

Castle Bumw: photos, description Chateau de Boumois)

Bumw castle is located 10 kilometers from Saumur, pays de La Loire region, Western France. This area is famous for its fine wines.

The Palace was built on the site of a fortified medieval Fort of the XI century, which was destroyed by British troops during the hundred years war. The material of this building were used in the construction of the new building, the work took about 20 years. The construction was completed in 1540, and the first owner of the fortress was the Baron Rene de tori.

In a modern building of the castle visible elements of the typical defensive structures of that era - notably the powerful main facade, is surrounded by three impressive round towers, on top of which was a loopholes gallery for the observation post and the room for the sentinel. However, in the appearance of the castle there are also more ornate detail inherent in the late architectural fields. In this style, for example, made the opposite facade of the Palace, reminiscent in its elegance of the Chateaux of the Loire valley. Overall, this structure uniquely combines late Gothic and early Italian Renaissance. We can say that the castle Bumw is kind of a good example of the history of architecture of the XVI century.

Among the internal areas especially notable is the Gothic chapel with its pointed arches, arranged in 1523. Around the Palace is a spacious Park, in which are preserved traces of ancient moats surrounding the castle in Medieval times. The main "highlight" of the castle Bumwe are its elegant dovecote of the XVIIth century. Everything here is home to about 1,800 birds.

The castle is open for tourist visits in July and August. For tourists are offered tours of its interior spaces.