/ / Castle Bussler: photos, description Chateau de La Bussiere)

Castle Bussler: photos, description Chateau de La Bussiere)

Castle Busser is located in the centre of France on the famous Loire Valley. It was built in the XII century for defensive purposes, but also served as a residential house of the local feudal Lord. In the XVI century the castle was rebuilt in Renaissance style and was much enlarged in size. However, the castle still preserves some elements typical of fortifications since the middle Ages - for example, by two powerful towers.

For three centuries, until the beginning of the French revolution, there lived a noble French family de TIA who were granted nobility in 1484. In 1679 it became known as the Marquise de Busser - the title got its name in honor of their family castle.

In the XVII century around the main building were preserved and now office and business premises: barn, stables, dovecote and orangery. Almost adjacent to the castle building, there is a pond with an area of six hectares. But especially noteworthy is the Palace Park, whose area reaches 60 hectares. This so-called "regular" Park, characterized by geometrically precise layout, which is typical for the landscape art of France. Its author was the great French landscape architect andré Le nôtre, who designed the famous Park in Versailles.

Since 1962 the Palace is open for tourist visits - there was a Museum dedicated to the history of fishing in fresh water. In addition to the old tools and accessories for fishing, there are also works of fine art made on the subject.

In 1995 the castle, Busser was given the status of a monument of history and architecture of France.