/ / Castle valence: photo, description Chateau de Valencay)

Castle valence: photo, description Chateau de Valencay)

Castle Valencay is located in the French Department of Indre. The castle is located on a hill above a small river Naon.

In the XII century on the site of this castle was a medieval fortress and the modern construction of the building began in 1540, when these lands were acquired by the family of financiers d Print. The castle was built on the example of one of the most famous castles of the Loire Valley - Chambord, but the construction wasn't finished until the XVIII century.

In 1719 the castle of valençay acquired Scottish banker John law, and in 1803 by decree of Napoleon Bonaparte, the Chateau became the property of his foreign Minister - Talleyrand. Here hosted high-profile guests, including the king of Spain Ferdinand VII, who spent six years captive in this castle. It was released only in 1813, with the Treaty of peace bears the name of castle valence.

Running Talleyrand castle flourished. Special popularity he enjoyed also by the culinary masterpiece of the "king of chefs" Marie-Antoine careme, the great servant of the Minister. Talleyrand died in 1838 and was buried in a small chapel in the castle Park. Castle Valencay, belonged to his descendants over a hundred years, until in 1952 the family of Talleyrand is not interrupted. In 1979, the castle came into the possession of the Association of historic Chateaux of France.

As families of the German nobility and heirs of the Dukes of Sagan, Talabani able to protect the castle of valence, during the Nazi occupation. During the Second world war, the castle also housed the masterpieces of the Louvre Museum - Venus de Milo and Nike of Samothrace nick.

Despite the fact that the construction of the castle valence lasted over two hundred years, his appearance made in the same style. Round West tower and the Central donjon of the castle was finished in the XVI century. In their architecture recognizable elements of defensive structures typical of the middle Ages, but the arrangement of Windows and Windows themselves belong to the era of the Renaissance. The dome of the West tower was completed and executed in the Empire style. The West wing-specific their roofs with an attic, typical of French architecture of the XVII century.

Inside the castle is decorated in the Empire style. In the castle Valencay, about a hundred rooms, a quarter of which was formerly the apartments of Talleyrand. In the West wing now houses a Museum of Talleyrand, which was earlier located in the wing. To visit also, there is a room crowned a prisoner to the castle of the king of Spain Ferdinand VII.

Castle Valencay is one of the most beautiful castles of the Loire Valley. The famous writer George sand, celebrated the beauty of not only the castle, but the Park around it. Interesting and English Park in the early XX century and occupies approximately 40 hectares of land, and that's not counting the vineyards of Talleyrand. In parks there are many exotic animals, including peacocks and llamas.