/ / The castle of Villeneuve-Loubet: photo, description Chateau de Villeneuve-Loubet)

The castle of Villeneuve-Loubet: photo, description Chateau de Villeneuve-Loubet)

The fortress Villeneuve, built in the XIII century, became the commune of Villeneuve-Loubet city-forming factor. Around the castle in that century the village grew up in Villeneuve, which is now the historical centre of the commune, the area is also known as the old village. Later it was annexed to the coastal village of bast, and the village received a dual name. Today the castle is one of the main attractions of this Mediterranean resort.

The initiative to build well fortified structures in these places belongs to count romée de Villeneuve, Grand Seneschal of Provence. These lands he received as a gift from the count of Provence and Barcelona Berenger the Fifth. In 1234, was started the construction of the castle, and in the year 1251, and the Comte de Villeneuve had to sell his residence to pay off creditors - the Seneschal had large debts. In the first half of the XVI century the castle stayed in the king Francis I, following to nice for the signing of a truce with Charles V.

The architectural ensemble of the castle includes four buildings, and the center of the complex is a courtyard in the shape of a trapezoid. The castle had a double line of fortifications. The inner ring of fortifications surrounds the castle itself, and the external passes through the Park around the fortress.

During the French revolution, the castle of Villeneuve-Loubet became the property of the state, and in the reign of Napoleon I it was organized by the hospital for the soldiers of Napoleon's army, participated in the Italian campaign. Because of the hospital, the castle has managed to retain almost its original form, in the nineteenth century underwent a complete restoration. Also preserved ancient village streets under its walls.

Currently, the castle is a private property, but it can be viewed as part of an organized tour group.