/ / Castle Wilson: photos, description Chateau de Villesavin)

Castle Wilson: photos, description Chateau de Villesavin)

Wilson today the castle is privately owned, but the owner gave everyone the opportunity to see him both outside and inside. In addition, in the castle are two museums, one dedicated to weddings (including Royal), and the other children's cars and cars horse-drawn. Despite its age, the castle has remained in the form in which it was built.

The castle was built in 1537 for the Royal Secretary, Jean Le Breton, who served Francis I., Le Breton, also owned the castle of Villandry. For the construction of the castle, which was conducted in 1527, was invited by the same architects from France and Italy, who were engaged in the construction of the Royal residence of Chambord castle and so the castle Villesavin very similar to it. Villesavin was built in the Italian Renaissance style in his ensemble consists of a Central building and two pavilions. In one of the pavilions is a chapel, is remarkable in that it in the beginning of XVII century was visited by Queen Catherine de Medici. In the chapel you can see the frescoes and paintings in the XVI-XVII centuries, and in front of the castle established the Florentine bowl Carrara marble.

The Museum presents the history of the wedding ritual the wedding, starting with the first half of the nineteenth century. The Museum's collection is just 1500 items, including wedding outfits and accessories. The wedding ceremony and related celebrations of the XIX century is recreated in a detailed reconstruction. The automobile Museum you can also see the carriage, hunting carriage, other carts and even strollers.

In the Palace Park is a farm specialised in breeding horses, tractors and donkeys and a rare long haired breed Poitou.

Find Wilson castle, several kilometers from Blois, next to it are the castles of Chambord and Cheverny.