/ / Chateau Grimaldi and the Picasso Museum: photos, description (Chateau Grimaldi d'antibes)

Chateau Grimaldi and the Picasso Museum: photos, description (Chateau Grimaldi d'antibes)

In the Middle ages - from the end of XIV century to the beginning of the XVII - the city rules the Grimaldi dynasty is one of the noble Genoese families who settled in Monaco. Their residence in Antibes was the castle, built in the XII century on the site of the former Roman fortifications, and for two centuries served as the Episcopal Palace. The Grimaldi family rebuilt the castle, expanding it to its present size. The castle is located on the square Marisol.

At the end of the XVIII century the castle was owned by the municipality, and in 1820 was converted into barracks for a hundred years. In the 20-ies of the last century the dilapidated castle was put up for auction, and one of the local devotees, Romuald Dor de La Sucher, convinced the city authorities that the building must be purchased to create a Museum of history and archaeology, which would have been presented long history of Antibes. In 1928, the building was designated a historical monument.

Ð’1946 year in Antibes came the famous artist Pablo Picasso. Learn that the painter needs a workshop, the city authorities asked him to work in the halls of the castle Museum Grimaldi. Pablo Picasso spent in Antibes for about six months and left the city with about two dozen written here paintings, including "Night fishing in Antibes" and sketches. They became the basis for the future Picasso Museum, opened in 1966. Sam painter was called time spent in Antibes, very fruitful. Today the Museum's collection is stored about 250 of his works. The exhibition was complemented by photographs of the artist, and his ceramics and sculptures. In the Museum you can also see the work of other artists - for example, Modigliani, Cesar, Leger. A continuation of the exhibition is the Museum terrace, which has a strange human figure works by sculptors Juan Miro, Arman Fernandez, Germaine Richier.