/ / The castle of Dieppe and the town's Museum: photos, description Chateau de Dieppe)

The castle of Dieppe and the town's Museum: photos, description Chateau de Dieppe)

This castle is located in the Normandy town of Dieppe, on the banks of the English channel. Deepsky castle is recognized as one of the best preserved fortifications on the shore of the Strait. Currently the castle is the city Museum, which was opened in 1923.

In the Museum of Dieppe presents the naval history of the city, a collection of impressionist paintings, manuscripts, notes, things, and documents, Camille Saint-saëns, the famous composer, who lived in Dieppe. Also the Museum houses a very interesting collection of ivory carvings.

Deepsky the castle throughout its history served a defensive function, and therefore its towers, walls and inner rooms are dark and simple. The first mention of the castle dates back to the year 1183, at that time the castle was the fortress of the kings of England, part-time Dukes of Normandy. As a fortress the castle was used until 1829, and for seven centuries, have repeatedly been destroyed, restored and rebuilt. In the first half of the XVII century the castle also housed the Governor's residence, and after the French revolution the castle was converted into a prison. In 1862, the castle was declared a historical monument, and in 1906 was purchased by the municipality.

This building was built of Sandstone on a rocky shore of a small river Arques flows into the English channel. At the corners of the castle were erected towers, the oldest of which is the West, built in the XIV century. Outside the castle walls there are several buildings, residential and commercial, who came here in the XVI-XVII centuries.

Near the castle there is a monument in honor of the friendly relations and cooperation Dieppe Canada. The square where stands the monument, also named after this country.

The city of Dieppe since the XVI century was known as the center of cartography and an important sea port, enjoying the increased attention of the pirates. In recent history, known as the Dieppe landing in August 1942, the allied landing, which ended with the defeat of the allies. In this operation, known as the "Battle of Dieppe", and was attended by canadian soldiers.