/ / Castle Gien: photo, description Chateau de Gien)

Castle Gien: photo, description Chateau de Gien)

Perfectly preserved castle of Gien is another architectural monument in the Loire valley. It is located in the eponymous town in the South of France, near the famous forest of Orleans, which, thanks to its reserves, game and poultry in the Middle ages was the favorite hunting ground of kings and the French nobility. In the former Royal hunting castle now houses the international hunting Museum.

The castle of Gien was built on Royal lands in the XV century for Anne de Beaujeu, daughter of Louis XI, who was at the time of construction of the castle by the Regent of France. Before the French revolution, the castle was owned by count de Gien, and in the first half of the XIX century was bought by the city, and perhaps largely due to the involvement of the local authorities are so well preserved its exterior and interior.

In those days, when the castle of Gien was the property of the French crown, it became known as the unofficial title of the capital of hunting. Currently, about past hunts and crowned the parties recall the exhibits of the hunting Museum. It is possible to trace the development of hunting weapons - here are the guns from the simplest of instances to a richly decorated with precious stones and ivory, as well as unusual specimens like a gun adapted for firing from horseback. The Museum has a collection of hunting horns and jewelry costumes hunters of buttons and other fasteners, which number about five thousand. The hunting Museum was opened in the castle in 1952.

In the gallery of the castle presents paintings Francois Deport - animal painter, who accompanied Louis XIV during the hunt. For his works, which depict hunting scenes and Royal trophies allocated a large room on the second floor. Paintings Francois Deport at the time also adorned other Royal castles and manors of noble courtiers.