/ / The castle and gardens of Villandry: photo description (Chateau de Villandry)

The castle and gardens of Villandry: photo description (Chateau de Villandry)

The castle of Villandry, the last built in the Loire valley, known for its large, lush gardens. They are so magnificent that tourists often recognized: the castle itself, they were not remembered, overshadowed all the gardens.

Although the castle is, no doubt, also worthy of attention. It is built on the spot where once stood the feudal castle of Colombier. In 1189 in tower of this fortress, the French king Philippe-August was negotiating with his enemy - the English king Henry II. The talks ended with the signing of the peace Treaty Colombier" in favor of Philip Augustus. In 1532 the new owner, Jean Le Breton, built here a castle in the French Renaissance style, leaving the old Foundation and the tower-donjon. The castle differs from the others here that owned it, not the king or his mistress, and a high official - Le Breton was Minister of Finance under Francis I, a superintendent during the construction of the Chambord castle, Ambassador in Rome.

There in Rome, he was fond of gardening. Their knowledge is applied by building the castle - at the foot of Le Breton laid gardens, already famous beyond the valley of the Loire.

In the XVIII century the estate was sold to the Marquis de Castellane, who rebuilt the building in the neoclassical style, and the gardens designed in the English spirit. Possession passed from hand to hand (including been owned by Napoleon's brother - Jerome Bonaparte). Truly a new life has begun at the castle when it was purchased by Joachim Carvalho.

Spanish doctor Carvalho bought Villandry in 1906, when the estate was in decline. The then owners were going if no one will buy a castle, tear it down. Carvalho saved Villandry and since then have spent on him all their money. It returned to its former Renaissance appearance of not only the building but also the area around.

Spacious water garden with swans, surrounded by lime trees, sculpted hedges trimmed, the four "garden of love"... All these beautiful and fragrant parcels are at different levels (from above, from the castle, is unforgettable). Descendants Carvalho, who still owns the estate, continue to develop it: in 1970, opened the Apothecary garden, and in 2008 - "the garden of the sun on the top terrace.

But probably the favorite among tourists the part of the local territory - garden. Ornamental flowerbeds (call them patches of the language is not rotated) nine square plots of garden - a true masterpiece of Villandry. Carefully designed not only geometric forms, but also combinations of colors forty types of vegetables: PPE leeks, red beetroot, the jade green leaves of the carrots give the impression of a multicolored checkerboard. Ornamental Kale growing next to roses, is not inferior to them beauty.

There are working only nine gardeners, and the work they do: since 2009, the garden became an organic - pesticides are not used for the treatment and power plants use natural fertilizing, weeding are manually.

In the gift shop you can buy seeds of native plants to try to grow such as pumpkins, poppies, forget-me-not or the very ornamental cabbage - it's lovely.