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Chateau d'if: photos, description (Chateau d'if)

Its mega among tourists, the castle of If acquired with two characters - the prisoner in the iron mask and Edmond Dantes. The first was a real person (though what is still not established, there are several versions on this subject) and held in other prisons of France, except this one. And the second also never been in this castle, because it did not exist at all, and was coined by Alexandre Dumas the hero of the novel "the Count of Monte Cristo". By the way, and the Iron mask was also described in another novel of Dumas 'the Vicomte de Bragelone".

These two prisoners in the dungeons of Chateau d'if was allotted two chambers after the opening of the Museum here. In the castle you can see snippets from various film adaptations of the novel, to see other exhibits related to the novel "the Count of Monte Cristo". The camera, which was kept real prisoners who have left their mark in the history of France of a person, marked by signs with their names. Among them is politician of the revolution count Mirabeau, the chief of the French army, General Kleber.

A large part of its history, the château d'if served as a prison for the most dangerous from the point of view of the French state criminals. Here were kept the Huguenots, disgraced politicians, the leaders of the Paris commune, as well as the most dangerous criminals.

This fortress was built in the first half of the XVI century by king Francis I as a defensive structure to protect Marseille. Prison became in the late sixteenth century and remained virtually until 1871. A novel by Alexander Dumas written in 1845, and in 1890 the castle was open to curious visitors.

As a prison, the castle has many legends, and gained fame as the place from which it is impossible to escape, many prisoners died from the terrible conditions of detention and their bodies were thrown from the castle walls into the sea. From prison on the island of If was made only one escape, and he is fictional, taken by the hero of Dumas ' Edmond Dantes. But as a Fort, the castle was never attacked, as enemies terrified already one kind of this fortress.


  • Location: Embarcadère Frioul If, 1 Quai de la Fraternité, Marseille.
  • How to get there: by boat from the Old Port in Marseille.
  • Official website: www.chateau-if.fr
  • Opening hours: daily, except 1 January and 25 December; from 16 may to 16 September 9.30-18.10, other days 9.30-16.45.
  • Tickets: adult - 5,5 Euro, reduced costs 4.5 Euro, children free.