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The Conciergerie: photo description (La Conciergerie)

The former Royal castle, the Conciergerie, located on the Cité island near Notre-Dame de Paris, can be called the oldest Parisian castle: he is descended from the Palace of the legendary king of the Franks Clovis (508). However, from the Palace of the VI century, little remains: the French kings continually rebuilt and reconstructed the building, it was severely damaged from the fires.

A significant part of its history the castle was the official residence of the French monarchs, and in this era was an amazing story: it was in the Conciergerie lived Russian Queen of France, Anna Yaroslavna, daughter of Yaroslav the Wise.

In the XIV century during the uprising of the townspeople stormed the castle and killed two Royal advisers. After that the residence of the monarch became the Louvre. In the Conciergerie remained part of the Royal administration, the administration of the castle was transferred to the Royal Concierge so there was a current name of the building.

Near the castle was a prison. When she was exhausted, the dungeon functions were transferred to the Conciergerie. In 1391 the castle for centuries it becomes a prison. During the revolution there awaited their destiny sentenced to death. Here, cutting hair and sat in the cart, went to the scaffold the Queen Marie-Antoinette. And from there went to the guillotine, the father of terror Maximilien Robespierre.

The Conciergerie had a reputation for being extremely harsh prison. During the terror in the chamber was filled by several hundred people, criminals along with political and "suspicious". In the Museum of the Conciergerie you can see the list of the prisoners sent from the local camera to the guillotine, 2780 names.

Today, the Conciergerie Museum part of the Palace of Justice. From the medieval buildings of the Capetian era there remained only three towers: Black tower Caesar and Bonbec. However, well-preserved and unusual spaces: Hall of Warriors - Europe's only example of civil Gothic architecture, Gothic castle kitchen of the era of Jean Good (XIV century), the chapel of Marie-Antoinette, arranged exactly in the place where the Queen's chamber.