/ / The castle of Lavardens: photos, description Chateau de Lavardin)

The castle of Lavardens: photos, description Chateau de Lavardin)

Ruins of the medieval castle located in the village of Lavardens, located in the Department of cher and the Loire. The castle of Lavardens was destroyed in the XVI century the troops of king Henry IV.

This structure stood for about nine centuries the first fortified structure was built on this site in the second half of VII century. In its relatively short history, the castle was rebuilt several times, and strengthened. The first reconstruction was made in the IX century. In the XII century the construction of the towers and triple facade made it the most fortified castle in the neighbourhood. Following the reconstruction of the castle took place in the XIV-XV century. Among the owners of the castle was count of Vendôme and count of Anjou.

To date, the castle has preserved several structures, including the donjon, the fragments of the walls, a dungeon and a gatehouse with embrasures for guns. The tallest building of the castle is about 26 meters.

The village of Lavardens, where the castle is located, is also worthy of attention. It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France and has several landmarks of the medieval period.

Near the castle is the Church of St. Genese built in the XI-XV centuries. The walls of this small Church is decorated with ancient frescoes, which date from the XIII-XV centuries. For a long time they were hidden under a layer of lime, and only in the beginning of the XX century they were discovered by a local Abbot. The frescoes depicted heaven, hell, purgatory, the passion of Christ, the baptism of Christ and other biblical subjects.

Ancient bridge in Lavardens was built in the XII-XIII century. During the Franco-Prussian war in the second half of the XIX century it was destroyed almost a half, and then restored. Length of this structure is 56 meters.