/ / Castle Lavut-Polignac: photos, description Chateau de Lavoute Polignac)

Castle Lavut-Polignac: photos, description Chateau de Lavoute Polignac)

The first "birth" lock Lavut-Polignac took place in the IX century, when the monks benedectine based on the high Bank of the Loire river among forests and shrubs fortress, intended to defend. The second "life" was given in the XVII century, when they owned the family Polignac decided to rebuild it in the spirit of the Renaissance.

Polignac got this castle property is still in the middle of the XIII century. At the end of the eighteenth century they abandoned the castle and left France, fearing political persecution. The castle was nationalized and sold to another family, who soon found themselves unable to adequately contain it. So when in the next century, Polignac again returned to France and bought the castle, they saw his estate in a dilapidated condition. In the XIX century the castle survived the restoration, conducted by the returnees from Austria by Melchior de Polignac. He restored the South wing and the adjoining Park. Its appearance of Lavut-Polignac is reminiscent of castles of Burgundy, which is open to the family Polignac was regarded with special reverence.

Currently, the castle Lavut-Polignac is owned by their heirs that the castle and live. The castle is open to tourists - the castle offers tours, during which guests demonstrate antique tapestries, portraits of family members Polignac, furniture, Renaissance fireplaces, old documents and works of art.

The second part of the name of castle is derived from the name of the commune in which it is located - Laval-sur-Loire. The castle was built of gray volcanic stone. In the castle complex consisted of three main building, four towers, a courtyard with a bell tower, which was located underground. The castle was surrounded by a double earthen wall. Despite its strengthening, the lock at Polinyako was designed for recreation and hunting near the castle dwelt a lot of game, and the Loire river was rich in fish.