/ / Castle of langeais: photo, description Chateau de Langeais)

Castle of langeais: photo, description Chateau de Langeais)

The castle of langeais is located in the French Department of Indre-et-Loire. The castle is located on a ledge, which towers over the Loire Valley, 24 km from tours.

The castle is one of the oldest - it was founded by the count of Anjou fulcom the Black in the year 992. The first castle was made of wood, in the style of Motte and Bailey. The land belonged to the count of Anjou, but controlled territory of ed I, Comte de Blois. He tried to capture the construction of the castle, but failed and Fulk Black decided to strengthen their future castle, and built a citadel, the ruins of which have survived to this day. This dungeon is one of the earliest examples of Romanesque architecture in the region. The construction was completed in 994 year and, judging by the low laid the Foundation and the thickness of the walls of the fortress, it can be assumed that the work was done in a hurry.

In the spring of that year, ed I made a second attempt to seize the castle of langeais, this time he was joined by the troops of his allies of the Normans, they beat FC, Flemish. Fulk Black appealed for help to the king of Hugh the Capet. The siege of the castle lasted until the summer, and Fulk was ready to give up, if not approached the detachment sent by the king.

However, the internecine war between the two graphs is not over, in 995 year began another siege of the castle of langeais, protracted till the next year and ended only with the sudden death of ed I from the disease. As a result, Fulk the Black took control of the Tour and other fortifications in the Loire Valley, including the famous Chateau de montsoreau.

But in 1016 the feudal war between the counts of Anjou and Blois broke out again, and this time Fulk the Black was defeated - he lost control of his castles, including the castle of langeais. Fulco managed to regain the castle to 1032, but soon ed II de Blois seized him again.

In 1037, after the death of ed II Fulk Black tried to regain the castle of langeais, the siege lasted more than a year, but yielded no result. Instead of his former castle of Fulco managed to capture the castle of Chinon, in the vicinity.

At the end of the XII century castle of langeais was expanded by king of England Richard Plantagenet (known as Richard the Lionheart). But in 1206 the castle was recaptured by the king of France, Philip II. English troops destroyed the castle of langeais during the hundred years war, and in 1465 French king Louis XI had him repair and finish. The main part of the castle built during this time.

6 December 1491 in the main hall of the castle of langeais occurred the marriage of the king of France Charles VIII and Anne de Bretagne, to mark the eternal Union between France and Brittany.

In 1886, the château de langeais has acquired Jacques Siegfried, who began extensive restoration work. He also posted in the castle a series of tapestries and fine furniture. Siegfried bequeathed the castle to the Institute of France, which owns it to this day. The langeais castle is a monument of history and culture, now it is a Museum.