/ / Castle of Le Lude: photo, description Chateau du Lude)

Castle of Le Lude: photo, description Chateau du Lude)

Chateau Le Lude is located in the eponymous commune in the Sarthe Department. Its history began in the X-XI century. The first defensive structure was built on this spot was built of wood and was intended to protect the residents of Anjou from the attacks of the Normans. Count of Anjou on the site of a wooden fortress built of stone, further strengthening its side of the Loire river, by building defensive they say.

The fortress survived the hundred years war and the French revolution, during which the castle was partially destroyed. Today the castle is owned by descendants of the family de La Weevil, who owned it from the late XVIII century, but it is open for tours and even becomes a venue for various cultural events.

At the very beginning of its existence (the X century), the castle has acquired a mystical legend associated with the subject of evil spirits, which, taking the form of a servant, killed the owners of the castle. The place where it occurred received the name "devil's Tower". To drive evil spirits from the castle and helped the local Bishop.

In the years of the hundred years war the castle was occupied by British troops. In 1427, the French with the battle regained the fortress, and one of the commanders of this battle - comrade of Joan of Arc, to Marshal Gilles de Ryotsu, the castle was given as a trophy. Soon, however, Marshall was accused of carrying out witchcraft black "Messiah" and other serious crimes, tried and executed in 1440.

Towards the end of the XV century the castle became the property of Jean II de Dion, hunter and lover of entertainment. The castle under his leadership has changed not only externally (appeared three new buildings, a garden and a beautiful Park), but has also become a venue for balls and other social entertainments.

In the middle of the XVIII century became the owner Joseph Dialer, head of the East India company, and niece of the Marquis de La Weevil began to turn the castle into a luxurious Palace, but these changes were interrupted by the French revolution.

The current owners pay much attention to the adjoining garden and Park. In the guise of a Park they decided to combine features of French and English parks. This attempt was so successful that the Park of the castle of Le Lude has been honored with several awards. The best time to visit is considered the beginning and the middle of summer.