/ / Castle Livevil: photos, description Chateau de Levesville)

Castle Livevil: photos, description Chateau de Levesville)

Castle Livevil is situated in the Eure-and-Loir, near Chartres, on the outskirts Bayo-l'evêque. The castle was erected in XV to XVII century and during its history has changed several owners. Since 2005 it is owned by Russian billionaire Alex Semin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Investment group of companies ASG. The first owner of the castle bore the name of Livevil, which now call this medieval attraction.

Probably that construction began Michelle Le Your called Livewell at the end of the XV century. According to his plan, in the complex of the new castle was built a residential building, located in the double ring durable walls and surrounded by moats. Above the walls rose towers, equipped with medieval artillery. The castle can be reached by the drawbridge.

In the early seventeenth century, a new owner of the castle became a Royal Advisor to Francois Third Brisane, who began to reconstruct the castle. Some of the buildings lock at this time has lost (two towers and a drawbridge), but something acquired, for example, the chapel of Mary Magdalene, façade, made of coloured bricks and the dome on the bell tower.

About a hundred years later the castle was bought by Nicolas françois Barthelemy, and after his death the estate was inherited by his sons. In this period the castle was several times visited by Alexander Dumas, a former friend of the brothers Barthelemy. The owners also made a few changes in appearance and interior of the castle.

During the Second world war, the castle housed the command post of the fascist army at the end of the war, the castle passed to the Americans, and within ten years after the war was leased to the Ministry of justice.

The current owner Alex Semin has invested in restoration of the historical appearance of the castle. The Chateau holds part of the collection of Antiques, including works of art XVI -XIX centuries.