/ / Castle Lying: photos, description Chateau de Luynes)

Castle Lying: photos, description Chateau de Luynes)

Castle Lying can be seen in the vicinity of the city Tour, just seven kilometers away. Its name was given from the name of the Duke Charles de Luina, one of the most powerful men of France Louis XIII. His position at court and the special location of the king de Luini earned for his ability to train birds of prey and hunting with them. With the king he was familiar with the teenage years. The influence of de Luina the king was so great that he was able to achieve the expulsion of Queen Marie de Medici and cardinal Richelieu.

The wife of the schemer de Luina Maria de Rohan was also known special. She participated in several conspiracies, including against the cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin, and was even described by Alexandre Dumas in the novel "the Three Musketeers" under the name of the Duchess de Chevreuse. So Marie de Rohan was called after the death of de Luina and marriage with the Duke de Chevreuse.

This castle the Duke de Luini purchased in 1619, hoping that the king himself, fascinated by the beauty of local nature, will often come to his estate and will be spending here quite some time. However, the king is not paid such attention to his favorite, and he de Lying long enjoyed its acquisition two years later he died.

The castle itself was built in the XII century, from the building have been preserved fortress, which in the XV-XVII centuries, was rebuilt and adapted for housing. Today the castle belongs to the descendants of the Dukes de Luina. For visitors, they opened it in 1996, however, you can only view it in certain months.