/ / Castle Menard: photos, description Chateau de Menars)

Castle Menard: photos, description Chateau de Menars)

Castle Menard stands on the banks of the Loire river and is located in the French Department of Loir-and-cher. The castle was built in 1646, Guillaume Charron, adviser of the king and responsible for player recruitment during the Thirty years ' war. At first the castle consisted of a main building and two pavilions, but in 1669 the son of Sharron Jean-Jacques, member of the French Parliament, completed two different size wing. In 1675 Sharron received the title of Marquis, and his possessions were still more increased.

In 1760 the castle of Menar acquired mistress of king Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour, paying approximately one million French livres and sold several of their pearl jewelry.

Reconstruction of the castle was carried out by the first architect of the French court - ange-Jacques Gabriel. Instead of pavilions of the XVII century, he built two new wings, with issued their roofs in the Italian style, so the castle did not look so monotonous. In the courtyard was erected two other of the pavilion in the Pavilion Hours connected underground passage with the main building of the castle, were kitchens, and the left pavilion of the Meridian lived the caretaker. Madame de Pompadour died in 1764, castle and Menard passed to her brother, the Marquis de Marigny. It was also carried out restoration work, which increased the size of the castle.

In 1830 the castle Menard was opened some kind of College is designed for young people of different backgrounds and nationalities. The huge building of the time, located in the Eastern part of the yard, partially preserved, as well as a small gas station nearby.

Part of the castle, built in the XVII century, characterized by simplicity and even a certain austerity, in contrast to more modern premises, and attached with Madame de Pompadour and her brother. The main building of the castle Menard consists of three parts - the old great hall, bedroom and living room, and halls on the ground floor was in 1912, are United in one large gallery. In the living room, located to the right of the great hall, immediately apparent decoration of the XVIII century - a graceful carved wood and shelves with mirrors above the fireplace. A stone staircase and decoration mahogany in the library on the second floor was completed with the Marquise de Marigny, brother of Madame de Pompadour.

Jean-Jacques Cartwright, in the second half of the XVII century, broke the landscape English Park around the castle Menard, decorated with lawns and canals. Along two avenues were planted with elm trees. When the Marquise de Marigny was in the Park also features an artificial grotto, and the place of the former English lawn was broken by a huge terrace with sculptures. The Park offers beautiful views of the Loire river.

Between the castle and orangery located in the rotunda of Abundance, where once stood the sculpture, symbolizing Abundance. Now it hosts a copy of the Venus de Medici, made in the XVI-XVII centuries.