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Chateau de montsoreau: photo, description Chateau de Montsoreau)

Montsoriu castle is located a few kilometers from Saumur, near the confluence of two rivers - the Loire and Vienne. The castle is very popular with tourists, largely thanks to the novel by Alexander Dumas "the Countess de Monsoro". Prototypes of the main characters of the novel were the owner of the castle, Jean de Shamb and his wife françoise. The basis of the novel went to real events: a jealous husband lured his wife's lover into the trap, the lover is killed and peace is restored. De Shamb owned the montsoriu castle in the XV century, but the first fortress on this location appeared much earlier.

The first mention of the "castle on the hill, Sorella" date back to XI century, they possessed a vassal of the count of Anjou Guillaume de montsoreau. Two hundred years later the castle passed to the family of Savary, and a hundred years later, de Samba, which gives the castle its appearance, preserved until the present time.

For the construction of the castle was used a material conventional in the construction of the Loire castles - and-white Sandstone. The castle was intended to defend and control trade routes along the Loire and Vienne. In the XV century the castle was erected a lookout tower of an octagonal form. In the years of the French Renaissance has changed the interior of the castle, it appeared typical of the Renaissance detail and decoration.

In the XVII century, the then owner of the castle Rene de Shamb was charged with fraud and fled to England. Montsoriu castle for nearly a hundred years remained abandoned, until in 1862 he was not given the status of national historical monument. However, restoration work began only in the XX century and lasted from 1923 to 1932.

Today, the walls of the castle is a permanent exhibition "Images of the Loire the landscapes of the Loire valley, the legends of the area and its famous castles. In addition, the castle houses a small Museum of the squad of Moroccan cavalry. This unit was founded by General Damadam and participated in the conquest of Morocco, and in the Italian campaign during the Second world war.