/ / Castle montaigut: photo, description Chateau de Montaigu)

Castle montaigut: photo, description Chateau de Montaigu)

Castle of Montague is located in the suburbs of Nancy, a major French city and administrative center of the Department of Meurthe and Moselle located in the North-East of the country, in the Lorraine region.

The Palace was built in the XVIII century as a residence for a wealthy Royal official who served as a tax collector in this area. The date of completion of the construction is 1758. The castle is located in a scenic area and stands on a mountain slope.

In 1856, the Palace passed into the hands of the Marquis of Wajiro, and at the end of the century it was renovated. The repair works involved the famous architect albert Jasson expressing mass building of Nancy in the late nineteenth century.

Since 1920, the castle of Montague nearly half a century lived Edward Salin, a French engineer and archaeologist. Thanks to his work in the Palace there was a collection of antiquities, masterpieces of fine art and a variety of "curiosities". After the death of Salina in 1970, the building was converted into a Museum, which now displays all of his findings. In addition to the above, among the exhibits it is worth noting the refined furniture of the XVIII-XX centuries and ancient era artifacts found during archaeological excavations in the Vosges Department, also part of Lorraine. Now the building of the Palace is the property of the historical society of the Museum of Lorraine, located in Nancy.

Around the castle is a spacious Park covering an impressive area despite the fact that part of it was given for the construction of another Museum - the Museum of the history of Railways. Also on the territory of the Palace Park is the building of the castle chapel. This whole architectural complex was included in the monuments of history and culture of France.