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Castle Montgeoffroy: photos, description Chateau de Montgeoffroy)

Chateau de Montgeoffroy is one of the few castles in the Loire valley, which managed to completely preserve its interior and atmosphere. Such castles in the Loire valley remained only three. The château de Montgeoffroy is located in the Department of Maine and Loire, near Angers and very close, just one kilometer from the city of MAZ. Currently, the castle inhabited by the heirs of the founder, Montgeoffroy, and while the castle remains open to visitors.

The castle of Montgeoffroy was built by the Governor of Alsace, Marshal Louis Georges Erasme Contades, who in the mid-seventeenth century, bore the title of commander-in-chief of the French army. In 1676 he bought land on which was a structure U-shaped. In 1772 these lands begins the construction of a new castle, and the builders adhered to the same shape in the form of a horseshoe. The work was directed by the famous city architect Jean-benoît Vincent barré and his local colleague by the name of Cimiez.

From the castle, built for Marshall Kontada, survived two towers, the chapel of St. Catherine with its beautiful stained glass Windows surrounding the castle moat, the stables. Before the building was built by the court d'honneur - the front yard with a sweeping staircase, the roof of the castle was covered with slate, and from its Windows you can admire the scenery of the Loire valley.

Marshal Contades settled in the castle in accordance with their whims in particular, he was known as a loving person and had several mistresses, and in the castle was equipped with secret rooms and the same secret staircase. The owner of the castle decorated their houses with tapestries and paintings, fine furniture and curtains - everything is preserved and not razed nor during the great French revolution, or during the Vendée uprising. There is an opinion that the castle helped save the local inhabitants, respecting the merits of the Marshal.