/ / Castle Malan: photos, description Chateau de Miolans)

Castle Malan: photos, description Chateau de Miolans)

Castle Molan known primarily to have served as a place of detention, one unencumbered by any moral aristocrat the Marquis de Sade. The castle is located within the natural Park of the Bauges mountains and is located near the cities of chambéry and Albertville.

The castle was built in the XV century and was originally a fortress. In prison he was converted only in the XVII century. Place for the construction of the fortress was chosen terrace on the cliff, standing at the confluence of two rivers, the Isere and the Arc. The building was built at an altitude of 250 meters and is today recognized as an example of Savoyard medieval military architecture.

The first owner of the castle was Miolan family whose members held high posts at the court of the Dukes of Savoy. In the XVI century the family had lost its former power, and the castle passed to the Duke of Savoy Charles III. Under him the castle became one of the most fortified fortresses of Savoy.

After the need for fortifications disappeared, the castle Molan began to serve as a prison. Marquis de Sade was imprisoned in it in 1772 by order of the king, but six months later managed to escape from it, although it was believed that to escape from a well guarded fortress impossible. After escaping the Marquis was hiding first in his castle of Lacoste, then in Italy under a false name. The last prisoners left the prison walls during the great French revolution, and for a long time, the castle remained uninhabited. Then it was put up for auction, and she was in state ownership.

Now the castle is a private residence, but it is open for visits from may to September. During the tour you can explore dungeons and see the towers of the fortress panoramic views of the Alps. The status of a historical monument, the castle received in 1944.