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Castle Plessis-Bourre photo, description Chateau du Plessis-Bourre)

Chateau du Plessis-Bourre is recognized as one of the most beautiful castles of the Loire valley and is on a par with the castles of Angers, Chaumont, Chenonceau and Saumur. Despite a few "dark spots" in its history (periods, of which there is no reliable data), the castle is perfectly preserved and looks almost the same as in the time of its opening in the second half of the XV century. The castle is privately owned, but the owners open the gates of the Chateau to tourists.

Castle Pless-Bourre is located in the Department of Maine and Loire, a few kilometers from Angers.

In 1462 land Pless-Les-Bains has found a new owner, who became Jean Bourre, Treasurer of Louis XI. Six years later, the new owner begins to rebuild existing there the manor, and in 1473 over the countryside stands the castle is fortified on the outside, like a fortress, but inside is luxurious, like a Palace. Such a task - to unite in one building for two different functions - Jean Bourre put his architects. Impregnable castle did a wide moat filled with water. The castle can be reached by a stone bridge with a length of almost 45 meters. There were held balls and receptions. The interior and halls of the castle were adorned with paintings, tapestries, fine furniture.

About the future of the castle virtually nothing is known until the mid-eighteenth century, and then too little is known. In 1751, the castle was bought by the family Rouiller, the head of which was arrested during the great French revolution. In the middle of the next century, the castle was put up for sale, but no one was willing to buy it. Perhaps it would be destroyed, but the notary of Angers still bought the estate.

In the future, the owners of the castle changed frequently until in 1911 it was purchased by Mr. Weisse. His descendants, the family of the Reye-su, currently in control of the castle and live in it. In the years of world wars the castle became a hospital (First world) and the residence of the U.S. Embassy. In 1939, the castle received the status of a monument of French history.

Chateau du Plessis-Bourre was a shooting location for several films - for example, in the 70-ies of the last century, there were filming "Donkey skin" Catherine Deneuve and Jean Marais, and at the beginning of this - "Fanfan-the Tulip" with Penelope Cruz.