/ / The castle of Plessis-Les-Tours: pictures, description of Chateau de Plessis-lez-Tours)

The castle of Plessis-Les-Tours: pictures, description of Chateau de Plessis-lez-Tours)

Not the most enviable fate befell the castle of Plessis-Les-Tours: the former residence of king Louis XI after the French revolution was sold to a private person, and he was ordered to disassemble it on bricks, but still carried out his intentions almost completely. The castle remained only about a quarter is the southern part of the Central building with the tower, which housed the Royal apartments. Most interesting is that you can see in this castle today is the room in which he died, Louis XI, and dungeons of the Royal prison with iron cells.

The castle is located a few kilometers from the centre of tours, in the suburbs of La riche. The castle was built by Louis XI, who in 1468 bought one of your estates, known as Monty-Les-Tours and renamed the monarch, and lived here in solitude until 1483. The castle also went down in history as the meeting place of Henry III and Henry of Navarre, who has agreed on joint operations against Catholics. In the XVII century, the residence was abandoned in the next century it is located a hospice, providing shelter for the sick, the poor and homeless.

In the XIX century in the surviving part of the castle housed a farm and a workshop for the manufacture of hunting shot. In the beginning of XX century it housed a laboratory for the manufacture of vaccines. Only in 1927 the castle has acquired the status of historical monument.

At the end of the last century the castle was owned by the theater troupe Cano-Lopez, and now the castle can be visited during any cultural events. Managed to reconstruct the original appearance of the castle, its layout is stored in the theatre bar. In addition, you can stroll through the adjoining Park when the castle grew a lot of mulberry trees, and it played a major role in the development of the local silk-noil spinning.