/ / Castle REO: photos, description of Chateau des Reaux)

Castle REO: photos, description of Chateau des Reaux)

Castle REO, also called Le REO is located on the lands of the former French province of Touraine, which is currently included in the Department of Indre and Loire.

The castle is located in the village Suze-sur-Loire and once wore the exact same name. It was renamed in the mid-seventeenth century, thanks to one of the owners, filed a petition in the name of the king. Of course, the king could not ignore the request of the famous memoirist of Calleman de REO and its decree of 1653, the book castle Choose name of the applicant. Tallman de REO became famous as the author of "Entertaining stories" from the life of courtiers of king Henry IV, which was written in 1659. The castle was purchased from the previous owner for 115 thousand livres.

Its appearance, extant, castle REO indebted to Jean Brisson, a former first mayor of tours. He began to build in the XV century and completed the construction of the castle, his grandson. It is known that this castle was built on the site of an earlier destroyed, existed in the XIV century. Chateau REO was built in the Renaissance style on a small artificial island surrounded by a wide moat. Its walls are built of stone and brick of two colors.

Currently, the castle is a private property. Within its walls is a thematic gallery devoted to the... the legs and feet. It's called "the Legs of women and men in the art of the beginning of the third Millennium". The gallery presents more than seven hundred paintings, more than 500 artists from around the world. Paintings for the exhibition were chosen from the international competition held in 2007. The opening of the exhibition the current owner was timed to the 600th anniversary of the castle.

Castle REO also is a national historic monument since 1930 and is under the auspices of UNESCO as a world heritage site.