/ / The castle of Rivo: photos, description Chateau du Rivau)

The castle of Rivo: photos, description Chateau du Rivau)

The castle of Rivo is located in the Department of Indre-et-Loire, not far from the other famous castle of the Loire Valley - Chinon castle.

The castle of Rivo belonged to the family Bovo, close relatives of which were counts of Anjou, and from 1454 the French kings. The first building of the castle with a square keep dates from the XIII century - it was then that the family Bovo entered the service of the French king. In 1445 the castle was rebuilt, but the Foundation of his donjon have survived to this day. The appearance of the new castle of Rivo reminiscent of defensive constructions of the middle Ages, but many elements characteristic of the Renaissance, stand out, for example, pipes and large Windows.

In 1429, is at the very end of the hundred years war, the castle of Rivo in search of horses stopped by the army led by Joan of Arc. The castle was really famous for its horses - in 1510 françois Bovo, captain of the army of king Francis I, ordered the construction in the courtyard of the castle the great barn. And during the reign of Henry III these stables received the status of Royal stables.

The castle of Rivo is mentioned in the satirical novel is Rabelais "Gargantua and Pantagruel" - according to this work, the castle receives the gift of captain Tolmer in gratitude for the victory over king Microholes.

In XVII century the castle of Rivo was under the patronage of the great cardinal Richelieu - his sister was married to the owner of the castle. The Bovo family owned the castle 247 years and the last representatives left it only when he received the title of princes of Lorraine. From 1768 to 1796 he inhabited the castle of Michelangelo, the Marquis de Castellane, Lord of Villandry. The subsequent two centuries the castle stood in ruins.

In 1918, the castle of Rivo became part of the monuments of culture and art of France. From 1960 to 1992 in the castle lived the French painter Pierre-Laurent brenot. In 1992, the castle had new owners who were engaged in restoration works, and in 2000 the castle was opened to the public.

The castle of Rivo is famous for its 12 gardens, as if from the pen of a children's storytellers. Each of these gardens is the name of any hero of the famous tale is an especially interesting garden Princess Rapunzel and the maze of Alice in Wonderland. Also in the gardens is a unique collection of rose bushes of more than 300 different varieties. In this Park, right under the open sky, there is a Museum of modern sculpture.

Among the interior of the castle is of special interest study señora de Bovo. This hall is in the Gothic style in accordance with how the office looked the Seigneur in the days of the reign of the Plantagenet dynasty. Room is furnished XV - XVII centuries.

In the XVI century the castle walls were painted, but by the beginning of the XX century wall paintings is almost nothing left. The only surviving fresco - "Belshazzar's Feast" by an unknown Flemish master of the XVI century, located above the fireplace in the dining room.