/ / Castle of Roquebrune: photos, description Chateau de Roquebrune)

Castle of Roquebrune: photos, description Chateau de Roquebrune)

The castle, built in the early middle Ages, is located in the mountain village of Roquebrune, which is adjacent to the resort of cap-Martin. This building is one of the oldest castles in France.

The settlement founded high in the mountains, existed under the Romans, evidenced by the remains of a triumphal arch, built in the first century of our era. The castle was built in the second half of the tenth century. Its construction Italian count Konrad I of Ventimiglia intended to protect the coastal settlement from attacks by pirates. The name of the castle - Rocabruna - appeared after the middle of the XII century, when the city was ruled by the governors of Genoa. This period lasted until the XIV century, during which the castle was built a lookout tower.

Then the village along with the castle passed into the hands of the Grimaldi family, repeatedly perestraivaya the castle according to their taste. In the history of this village also had periods of independent existence (mid nineteenth century) and belonging to the Principality of Monaco, Roquebrune not yet became part of France.

In the twentieth century owner of the castle was the Englishman William Ingram, which has made its appearance in the new changes - added another tower in the English style.

The castle at the beginning of its history was fastening structure, distinguished by solid walls with a thickness in some places reaches three to four meters. The walls of the tower was equipped with battlements and loopholes. The castle itself was located a weapons Arsenal and a room of archers. Under the castle there is a dungeon Dating from the X century, it was also used as a prison. The count of Ventimiglia received visitors in the ceremonial hall, in which, besides the fireplace, was still and well, despite the fact that the hall of ceremonies was located on the second floor.