/ / Castle Rocher: photos, description Chateau de Roquefere)

Castle Rocher: photos, description Chateau de Roquefere)

Rocher castle dominates the small village of Montflanquin, North-Eastern France, in the Aquitaine region.

The first mention of the fortress dates back to 1279. Then it was the property of king of England Edward I, known by the nickname "Longshanks". As Duke of Aquitaine, he officially owned the territory. However, a year later the king gave these lands to his Seneschal, de Graii, and this family owned the castle until the end of the hundred years war.

Further, the owners of the fortress of Rocher often expressed disagreement with the actions of the French crown. During the religious wars of the XVI century, the lords Rocher over to the Huguenots, and the castle was besieged by troops of the Catholic League. But a hundred years later, during the Fronde they were in support of the Great condé, claiming the French throne instead of the rightful king Louis XIV. The Royal troops again invaded the castle, and only a miracle he was able to save from destruction.

However, fate proved kinder to this medieval building. Now the castle is an almost completely preserved fortification, the architecture of which mixed the styles of all possible eras. It is worth noting the Gothic three-storey house on the lower floor which housed a large hall with arched ceiling. On the side of the building is a small square donjon - the main tower of the castle. These buildings, as well as the wing on the other side elegant with large Windows that belong to the XIII century. However, elements of decoration on this building, including the decorations in the Windows, made much later - in the XV-XVI centuries. Two wings, separated by a turret, are of the same period, as well as the southwest wing, slightly smaller in size but also decorated with a turret. On the North side is the main entrance to the castle with gate tower and utility rooms at the sides - this architectural ensemble dates from the XVI century.

The castle is surrounded by a fortified wall. Individual decoration of some buildings were added in the XVII century or even later. Also on site are three graceful pigeon.

Castle Rocher is a monument of history and culture of France. It should be noted that the settlement of Montflanquin, a part of which he is a member of the Association "Most beautiful villages of France".