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Lock Salsa: photos, description Chateau de Salses)

Fort Salsa - Spanish fortress in the Pyrenees mountains, which was built in the late XV - early XVI century by order of king Ferdinand of Aragon. The fortress was designed to defend narrow pass in the mountains from a possible invasion of the French.

The first test of strength a fortress of Salsa took place, while still unfinished, just six years after the start of construction. The completion took place in 1538. For a hundred years, the Fort, the Salsa successfully repelled the onslaught of the enemy. A series of unsuccessful attempts of the French on the capture of the fortress was interrupted by a 40-day siege in 1639, and Salsa surrendered not resist attacking troops, which was headed by king Henry II and Marshall Frederick Schomberg.

Even 20 years later between France and Spain, the peace agreement was signed, under which France retreated some counties, cities, fortresses and villages to the North of the Catalan Pyrenees. Among others to France departed and Perpignan, as well as Fort Salsa, located a few kilometers North of the city.

After that, the castle gradually lost its strategic importance, as unnecessary even wanted to destroy, but, in the end of XVIII still found it an appropriate application and placed in it a military garrison.

The Fort, which the Spaniards took such a big role, and it was built according to all rules of fortification architecture: the thickness of its wall was 12 metres and the area of the fortress was divided into two parts, each of which was separate and would require the invaders extra effort. Part of the fortress was divided by a moat with a drawbridge, one of them housed a parade ground, barracks and stables, and the other was the donjon, which the enemy had to take the attack.

The Fort was built in the shape of a rectangle, each corner of which stood powerful in the watchtower. The fortress was surrounded by a moat and earthen wall. Since its construction it fortification has not changed.