/ / Castle Selvam: photos, description of Chateau de la Selve)

Castle Selvam: photos, description of Chateau de la Selve)

Castle de La Selvam is located in the South-East of France in the ardèche Department, rhône - Alpes region. It was built in the XIII century, although the first fortified building on this site appeared here even earlier. The area had a strategic importance - it was here that the southern boundary of the French Kingdom. Then the building has grown and evolved into a cozy hunting Lodge of a noble noble family, originating from the previously quite influential district Vivar. For a long time here lived the Duke de Guayas, whose official residence was in the same city, famous for the fact that it was founded by Charlemagne himself.

The castle is a fortified, medieval building, typical for this region. It is located in the heart of the fertile lands bathed by the river Sasesc, a major tributary of the ardèche river flowing through the entire Department. The terrain here is particularly favorable for winemaking.

In 1990, the mansion passed into the possession of the family Chazallon, establishing a small but profitable family business. One wing now houses a mini-hotel, where you can stop for up to six people. Living it seems a whole range of services and entertainment, including bowling and pool, many activities set aside for children. Vacationers can also enjoy the comfort and coolness in the former courtyard of the old castle.

In the other wing now houses the winery's spacious with medieval vaulted cellars, and on the slope of the hill on which stands the castle, the vineyards are divided. It produces a unique selection of wines. For visitors in the summer season receptions tastings.