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The château de serrant: photos, description Chateau de Serrant)

The château de serrant - one of the castles of the Loire valley, built in the Renaissance style. It is 20 kilometers from Angers, near the town of Saint-Georges-sur-Loire.

Originally, this place was built the castle in the XIV century, it belonged to the family of Le brie. By the XVI century the castle was already in a dilapidated condition, and one of the representatives of the family of Le brie, Pontus Hulten, had received from Louis XI permit for construction on the site of the old fortified castle. His descendant Charles Le brie started in the middle of the XVI century, which was conducted almost continuously for two centuries.

The erection of a castle worked for several well-known architects of that time - for example, Philibert Delorme, whose work is a wing of the castle of Chenonceau over the cher river, and Jules Hardouin Mansart, the Creator of the Mirror gallery of the Versailles Palace. Also, the shape of the castle put his talent and skills architect Jean Delespine, who erected the main part of the new castle. In the chapel, created by Mansart, located the tomb of the Marquis de Sabrina, one of the owners of the castle - this tomb was made by the artist Charles Labruna and sculptor Coysevox. Despite this diverse participation of representatives of the architecture in the fate of the castle, their collective creation looks eclectic, on the contrary, it may seem that the construction was ruled by the hand of a single architect.

After Le Bry new owner of the castle at the end of the sixteenth century became Hercule de Rohan, 40 years later, he was replaced by Guillaume de Bautru, count de Serrano. After the castle passed to the Marquis de Lobrano and his wife Margaret. In the middle of the XVIII century, the owner changed again - he was a wealthy Irishman, Antoine Walsh. His successors broke around the castle gardens in the English style. In the 30-ies of the XIX century the castle changed the owner - the Duke de Trebui whose heirs control the castle now.

Distinctive features of the castle is a deep moat and corner towers remaining from the previous structure, unusual for French castles round dome on these towers, stone bridges. From the interior of the castle is worth noting Flemish tapestries, a rich library of two thousand volumes, two by the famous Italian sculptor Antonio Canova, as well as the statue of Pieta - the virgin Mary mourning Christ, she's in the chapel at the castle.