/ / Castle Talmont: photo, description Chateau de Talmont)

Castle Talmont: photo, description Chateau de Talmont)

Talmont castle towering over a small settlement Talmont-Saint-Hilaire, Western France, the vendée area. It is located at a height of 57 meters above sea level to the West of this town. The building strikes with the power of fortifications - despite the fact that the fortress is quite high above the sea, the waves of the Atlantic ocean to reach its foot.

The history of the castle, and the settlement that grew up around it, dates back to the XI century, when these territories were transferred to the Duke of Aquitaine Guillaume V the Grand. In 1025 was built the donjon - the main tower of the castle, and in the second half of the same century it was enlarged. At the same time was built and the medieval quarter of the village of Talmon, was founded the Abbey.

In 1137, the marriage was contracted between Alianore of Aquitaine and king of France Louis VII, and Talmon became part of the French possessions. A year later the castle was burned by Royal order, as its owner rebelled against Louis. After the divorce Alianore and her next marriage, this time with the king of England Henry II, the Duchy of Aquitaine became the subject of a territorial dispute between two powerful Nations. For a long time, Mr. Talmon served as a vassal of Richard the Lionheart, in its task was the defense of the borders of Aquitaine from the French army.

In the XV century fortress lost its strategic purpose, however, there continued to live the representatives of various noble families. Then was completed a more refined complex of residential premises. During the religious wars of the region joined the Huguenots, and even after almost hundred years the castle was destroyed by order of king Louis XIII. He ordered to destroy almost all fortified buildings in the district of Poitou - in one of the former parts of Aquitaine, to avoid possible capture by the British.

The castle remained only ruins, which were used as quarries. The last owner of the fortress were executed on the scaffold in 1794 during the French revolution.

In 1920, the municipal authorities of the region have acquired the ruined castle and carried out the necessary restoration work. In 2009, the ruins of the castle of Talmont was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France. At the moment the remains of the donjon, walls and dwellings of the castle, made in XI-XV centuries. Now in the ruins of the castle are colorful jousting festivals dedicated to the middle Ages and the life of the king of England Richard the Lionheart.