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Castle Talsi: photos, description Chateau de Talcy)

Castle Talsi is located in the French Department of Loir-and-cher and stands on the left Bank of the Loire river. It was built in the XVI century Italian banker and soldier of fortune Bernardo Salviati, a relative of the famous Medici family, servants at the court of the king of France, Francis I. the Castle is adjacent Talsi very close to the homonymous village, so the local parish Church is already in the courtyard of the castle.

Castle Talsi forever etched in the lyrical poetry of the sixteenth century. Famous French poets Pierre de Ronsard and théodore Agrippa d Aubigne were in love with the beautiful daughter and granddaughter of Bernardo Salviati and dedicated many of his creations. In honor of his beloved Diana Salviati d Aubigne wrote many of the sonnets included in the book "Spring", and after her death in 1577, he began work on "Tragic poems" dedicated to the plight of France.

It is believed that in this castle on 28 and 29 June 1572 the king of France Charles IX with his mother Catherine de Medici planned the massacre of the Huguenots, known as St. Bartholomew.

In 1638 has been improved in the East wing of the castle. The Salviati family owned the castle, Talsi until 1682, then the castle changed many owners. It should be noted that, fortunately, during the French revolution, the castle was not injured. In the XIX century the castle was acquired by the Swiss Minister of the Republic of the Philip-albert Stapfer. A zealous Protestant, he transformed the ground floor of the castle into a prayer room. In the castle are stored the personal belongings of Stapfer and his family, including the works of one of the descendants, Pereverzeva Goethe's Faust into French.

In 1870 the castle, Talsi French General of Chanzy tried to arrange his headquarters, but was expelled by the Prussian troops.

August 4, 1908 castle Talsi became part of the monuments of culture and art of France, and in 1933 the castle was transferred to state ownership. Inside the castle is a Museum, where you can find the original interiors of the XVIII century.

Castle Talsi the size is not very large - it consists of a three storey building with archway and hexagonal turrets. On the first floor the kitchen and the so-called "Bedroom Medici", where occurred the famous conspiracy of Charles IX and his mother that resulted in so many deaths of innocent French. On the second floor are bedrooms, living room, study.

The castle grounds are huge fruit garden, redesigned in 1996, the granary, the wine press and the round building is the dovecote, which housed about 1,400 birds. Demolished in 1956, the windmill was restored in 1976.