/ / Castle Shameful: photos, description Chateau de Chamerolles)

Castle Shameful: photos, description Chateau de Chamerolles)

Castle Shameful, a model of Renaissance architecture, located near Orleans. The tour of this castle promises to be quite fascinating, because apart from his inspection of the premises and walking in a beautiful garden with rose gardens, pergolas, green arches, mazes of trees and shrubs, you can visit the perfume Museum, which presents the story of the creation of fine fragrances, ranging from the XV century.

The castle was built in the XVI century by the Governor of Orleans, a confidant of king Louis XII Lancelot du Lacquer. The structure resembled and powerful fortress, and the Palace at the same time. Impregnable castle, did the moat filled with water, to cross which was only possible on the drawbridge. The castle walls were made of bricks of red and white, the castle was surrounded by towers with conical roofs. Around the castle was a Park, and the entire complex was characterized by symmetry and geometric forms.

In the second half of XVI century, the castle became the stronghold of the Protestants, however, the greatest damage to the castle caused not a religious war and the Second world war, in the years where it was looted. The restoration of the castle Shameful was started only in 1987, and as a result, the castle again acquired its Renaissance appearance.

The Museum of spirits is located in one of the buildings of the castle. It presents not only the process of creating spirits and the spirits themselves, but also interesting facts about their history. So, for example, visitors will talk about that smelly liquid was coined court in an order by king Louis XIV. The fact that neglect the rules of hygiene, ladies and gentlemen reeked, and the Royal nose was to confuse the bad smells.

One of the most interesting exhibits of this Museum called "body fragrances" - a table on which there are 270 bottles of aromatic oils of high purity, with their help and was created by the legendary French perfume.