/ / The castle of Chateaudun: photos, description Chateau de Chateaudun)

The castle of Chateaudun: photos, description Chateau de Chateaudun)

One of the most famous Loire castles of Chateaudun be the first who will meet on the way from capital of France to Chartres. Its construction began in 1170 the Earl of Blois, however, other buildings in the complex appeared in the XV century, when throughout the centuries the various owners of the castle were engaged in its development and conversion to your liking.

The count of Blois built a strong keep - a thick-walled three-story fortress of round shape with a height of over 30 meters and a diameter of about 17, whose entrance was raised to 10 meters above the ground. Subsequent owners have a large chapel and two wings. One of them, West, built in the second half of the fifteenth century, perhaps the most famous owner of Chateaudun - ally of Joan of Arc Jean de dunois, and the other (North) was built at the end of the century his grandson, françois de Longueville. Both of these corps and are now called by their names. This castle Jean de dunois received as a reward for their participation in the battles with the British.

The chapel at the castle is one of the twelve saints of the chapels of France, which kept the fragments of the instruments of the Passion of Christ. To have such a chapel was considered a special privilege, available only to the Royal family. In the chapel you can see statues of saints and frescoes Dating from the early XVI century. On one of the frescoes depict the last judgment, it is considered the most impressive.

The castle itself houses a collection of tapestries woven in the XV-XVI centuries. This collection also includes the cycle of tapestries depicting scenes from the life of prophet Moses.

In the few private gardens on the castle grounds today grow those plants that were popular with medieval cooks, perfumers and pharmacists.