/ / Castle of Cheverny: photo, description Chateau de Cheverny)

Castle of Cheverny: photo, description Chateau de Cheverny)

The Cheverny castle was built by Jacques Yuro - intendant of king Louis XII in 1490 on the site of an old mill. His descendant Henry Jure demolished old buildings, linking it with unpleasant memories of the infidelity of his first wife, and began construction of a new building.

Cheverny - the first mansion of the XVII century in the style which became known as classic. The raw material was of local white Sandstone. The facade of the castle has never been restored since 1634.

In the castle preserved historic interiors and furniture, as for several centuries owned the castle one and the same family. In the weapon hall, the castle exhibited a collection of armor and weapons. In the Tapestry room you can see the pieces made from the drawings of David Tenja. Trophy room is decorated with two thousand deer antlers mounted on the walls and ceiling.

Hunting in Cheverny is in the winter, twice a week. Kennel - another attraction of this castle. It contains more than 70 dogs.