/ / The castle of Chinon: photo description (Chateau de Chinon)

The castle of Chinon: photo description (Chateau de Chinon)

The history of a Loire Chinon castle has more than a thousand years. The first castle on the Vienne river was built by the Duke of Blois Thibaut I in the X century, for he chose a place, on which stood a Fort, built by the Romans. And it was no ordinary fortress, and one of the main fortifications of the Frankish Kingdom in the days of king Clovis.

The castle, built by Thibault, first was wooden and later it was replaced by a substantial stone structure. Until the XV century, in fact, were continuously building the castle. In the early seventeenth century some of the buildings were destroyed by order of cardinal Richelieu, and in the XIX century began its restoration, which was initiated by prosper mérimée.

It is known that in the Middle ages the castle not once changed its appearance with each new owner. In the middle of the XI century, the Duke of Anjou Joffre Martel strengthened the defensive capabilities of the castle by building towers, as it appeared the chapel of St. Melania. In the XII century the castle of Chinon was the favourite residence of the English king Henry II Plantagenet. In its time the castle is surrounded by new ramparts and ditches, and next to it the Church was erected in honor of the patron Saint of England - St. George. At the beginning of the XIII century castle became the property of the French crown, and his master - king Philip August. During this period, the castle had two towers and a Guard Pirna and underground prison, which a hundred years later became the place of detention of nearly a hundred of the knights Templar.

In the XV century the castle became the possession of the Dauphin Charles VII, this was his fateful meeting with Joan of Arc, predicted his coronation. Under Charles VII, the castle was built throne room and the Royal apartments in the castle settled his wife Maria of Anjou, and then mistress, Agnes Sorel. The new king Louis XI chose his residence Plessis-Bourre, and Chinon was gradually forgotten his court.

Now in one of the towers of the castle of Chinon - a Sentry is a Museum dedicated to Joan of Arc. Some structures of the castle are preserved only remnants from the throne room, for example. However, the restoration of the castle continues at the present time.