/ / Zoo Sables d'olonne: photo description (Parc zoologique des Sables-d'olonne)

Zoo Sables d'olonne: photo description (Parc zoologique des Sables-d'olonne)

The seaport and resort of Les Sables d'olonne is located in the French Department of Vendee, pays de La Loire region in the West of the country. It was founded in 1218 and is famous especially for its beaches, located in the heart of the city.

In the midst of one of the sandy beach in 1963, opened the main city zoo. It is an oasis of greenery with an area of three hectares. It is worth noting that the zoo Sables-d'olonne part of the European Association of zoos and aquariums.

The zoo is currently home to 280 species, among which 60 are rare or endangered species of animals. Annually the Park is visited by 160 thousand people, making it the second most popular place of the vendée Department.

It should be noted that the zoo of the Sables d'olonne specializiruetsya, mostly on birds, amphibians and insects such as snails, bees and butterflies. For these animal families has all the necessary environmental conditions. However, mammals are also found in this Park. In addition to the fauna, the zoo is different and rich in flora, but for security purposes, harmful and poisonous plants on the territory of the zoo grow. But here you can find flowers, shrubs and trees from all over the world - of particular interest is the recreated landscapes of the South American pampas. Also at the zoo, rare plants grow as both local and from around the world - for example, the Japanese knotweed.

It should be noted that sometimes visitors are invited to watch the feeding of different animals, including wolves and penguins. This usually occurs in the afternoon.

The aim of the zoo Sables d'olonne is the preservation of rare species of animals and plants, environmental protection and attract public attention to environmental issues.