/ / Jesuit College, (College des Jesuites de Reims)

Jesuit College, (College des Jesuites de Reims)

Its appearance in Reims, the school shall to two brothers, Bruler de Sillery, françois and Nicolas. One of them filed a petition in the name of king Henry IV, and the second acquired land, made the first donations for the construction and later until his death continued to support the College financially. Nicolas Bruler de Sillery, occupied the post of Chancellor of France, and his brother françois, was the Confessor of the king.

The College building, is located in Northern Reims, was built very quickly, in just one year, and was opened in 1608. Later, thanks to donations Bruler Francois de Sillery, of the College new buildings, and the school has become a complex of buildings, which had its own chapel. Money donor to the College has also created a unique library and purchased furniture.

The interior of the College is preserved the wooden panels and paintings depicting the founder of the Jesuits Ignatius Loyola and St. Francis Xavier, the former during the life of a preacher-missionary. Inside you can see the collection of antique furniture.

In 1921, the municipality bought the buildings of the College, and even after 12 years this complex as a piece of architecture of early classicism was included in the list of historical monuments protected by the state. Currently the building is being renovated, which should be completed in 2016, and after College I plan to transfer the Euro-American campus in political science.

The College buildings currently located several institutions: planetarium, restoration workshops and a regional Fund of national art.