/ / Imperial chapel: photos, description (de Biarritz and Chapelle imperiale)

Imperial chapel: photos, description (de Biarritz and Chapelle imperiale)

Biarritz is located in South-West France in the Aquitaine region. For a long time, this settlement had no impact - it was a simple fishing village. But already in the XIX century the town established itself as a Spa and seaside resort, and when it was chosen by the Emperor of France, Napoleon III, the popularity of this place rose to the heavens. At the same time and began a massive building the city, for example, was built Villa Eugenia is designed for the wife of Napoleon, Empress Eugenie. Now this building, better known as "Hotel du Palais" located luxury hotel.

At the request of the Empress Eugenie near her residence was also built a small chapel, named in honor of the sovereign "Emperor". It was completed in 1864. The building is striking with its luxurious appearance and elegant interior design is also impressive. An interesting style that made this building is a fusion of Spanish-Moorish, and Roman-Byzantine style. The Church was consecrated in honor of our lady of Guadalupe, the Holy patroness of Latin America and Mexico. This choice may seem unusual, but at that time France was at war against the newly independent Mexico, and a new Church was consecrated thus in the memory of the bloody events taking place far from the ocean.

The Church is a single-nave brick building. Among the interior finishes, notably the medallions and decorations of enamel, typical of Byzantine culture, and ceramic tiles in Arabic style. In 1981 the chapel was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France.

Is an active Church there are daily masses. However, notably the memorial service in the days of the death of Napoleon III and his family, and a solemn service on the feast of the virgin of Guadalupe (December 12). During religious ceremonies, of course, the temple can not be visited. However on Saturdays it is open for tourist visits.