/ / Casino Big circle: photos, description (Casino Grand Cercle)

Casino Big circle: photos, description (Casino Grand Cercle)

Famous Spa resort of AIX-Les-Bains is located in Savoie close to lake Bourget, in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries began to enjoy even greater popularity and make even more vacationers.

To enhance the status of the resort and attracting famous and wealthy guests to AIX-Les-Bains in the middle of the XIX century there were built a casino, and the decision on its construction were not made by anybody, and the king Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy. The building became known as a masterpiece of local architecture. And at the end of the century it became even more beautiful: its interior was decorated with magnificent mosaics with floral motifs and stained glass paintings. In the end of XIX century one of the halls of the casino was converted into a theatre.

During the First world war, many buildings and mansions of the city temporarily changed its resort to "profile" - they began to place to the treatment and rehabilitation of soldiers wounded on the battlefields. The owners of the casino "Big circle" is also not remained aloof from such public undertakings, and gave their property to accommodate the wounded.

Besides a casino and recreational facilities in AIX-Les-Bains there are other sights worthy of attention. For example, the Museum of the odds, which presents sculptures of Auguste Rodin and impressionist paintings. The Museum was opened in the mid-twentieth century and based on the private collection of Jean Faure, whose name the Museum was named.

In the vicinity of AIX-Les-Bains, excluding lake Bourget, located in hautecombe Abbey and the castle Miolan. The Abbey was the burial vault of the Dukes of Savoy, a medieval fortress Molan served as a prison the Marquis de Sade. Also from AIX-Les-Bains you can take a trip to the nearby town of chambéry - the former residence of the Dukes of Savoy, interesting for its castle, cathedrals and museums.