/ / Casino of Deauville: photo, description Casino de Deauville)

Casino of Deauville: photo, description Casino de Deauville)

Today Deauville's casino is an exclusive gambling establishment, which is a network of the same status of Casino Barrière de Deauville, located throughout Europe. Only casino, the level is similar to the Deauville, there are thirteen. In Deauville, the casino visitors can not only tickle your wallet and nerves, but also to see the shows, dine in the restaurant and dance, but also to become participants or spectators of the international competition in card games.

The history of Deauville casino has a half a century, it was founded around the same years when the Deauville started to turn from a small fishing village into a luxury resort. However, the peak of its popularity the casino in Deauville reached in the early twentieth century. As you know, the closest neighbor is almost a "twin" Deauville is a resort of Trouville. Maybe for tourists it was very convenient to live on one of them, and to use the resources of both resorts. There was even a saying "a Wife in Deauville, mistress in Trouville". But resorts had existed in the mode of constant competition, and the casino accordingly.

At the beginning of the last century the mayor of Deauville lured from a successful travelscope casino successful Manager of eugène Cornuche. Updated the building casinos and the opening of the casino announced the elite, designed for the "cream of society". This business move proved to be very successful: the Bohemian of Paris was to come here to play tourists in Deauville was so much that had to build new hotels. Regulars at the resort and casino became the aristocrats from around the world, tycoons and billionaires. In the 20 years of the twentieth century, casinos have changed Manager and still have improved my level. Well, the future plans of the owners of the casino have confused the financial crisis 30-ies and the ensuing Second world war. After the war games continued, but without such a hype and loud statements about the elitism.

Currently, the casino see before you the white Palace is decorated in the style of "Empire" and the tables (24) are tight red cloth. Also in this Palace established more than three hundred slot machines. In addition to the casino in Deauville, you can try your luck at the racetrack is to bet on the races.