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Cambo-Les-Bains: photo description (Cambo-les-Bains)

Cambo-Les-Bains - an ancient Basque village, which arose as a fortress guarding the access to the gorge Ronceval. The village is located in the heart of the French Basque Country and is also a famous seaside resort based on the mineral thermal springs. Nearest to Cambo-Les-Bains city - Bayonne. The resort is part of the administrative County of Bayonne Pyrenees Atlantiques.

The town stands on the river Nive, which divides it on two parts. Wellness specialization of the resort - treatment of diseases of respiratory organs, musculoskeletal apparatus, cosmetic procedures, and weight gain.

One of the most famous patients in Cambo-Les-Bains, was a playwright Edmond Rostand, author of "Cyrano de Bergerac". Coming here with the purpose to get rid of pleurisy, Rostan settled in Cambo-Les-Bains and spent the remaining years of his life. In 1903 the writer has built the Villa of Arnage, which is now a Museum, and lived there for 15 years. Villa of the poet surrounded by gardens in the French and English styles. Edmond Rostand was often visited by his friends and colleagues, among whom was the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt. In Cambo-Les-Bains also visited Napoleon III, the English king Edward VII, other less well-known political figures. Now in hospitals of Cambo-Les-Bains come here to improve their health the G8 leaders.

In the Cambo-Les-Bains attractions a bit, so guests of the resort offer excursions to other cities, for example, in Biarritz with a visit to the famous casino, or in the nearest old village, rich in buildings of the Romanesque period. In one of them - Saint-Palais - annually strongman. In August they are going to find out who is stronger, moving rocks and twisting with the root of the trees.