/ / The Chapel Of St. Anna: photos, description (Chapelle Sainte-Anne de La Baule-Escoublac)

The Chapel Of St. Anna: photos, description (Chapelle Sainte-Anne de La Baule-Escoublac)

A small seaside town of La Baule is situated in the South-West of France, in the Loire-Atlantique region. First and foremost it is known for its sandy beaches, located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. There are many luxurious hotels, elegant villas and luxury casinos. However, sea resort of La Baule was relatively recently - only in 1879. Then began a massive building and beautification of the city.

In 1880 was built a new residential district, designed for a thousand people, and with it the Church, consecrated in honor of the blessed virgin Mary and received the name Notre-Dame-de-Flo. The building is designed in neo-Romanesque style.

By 1903 the population of the district exceeded four thousand men, and it was decided to attach to the Church two aisles, and chancel. He was then made an elegant fresco depicting the Saint patroness of the city - the blessed virgin Mary, gazing into the distance towards the sea. However, increasing numbers of residents forced the city Council to abandon this Church and in 1925 to build another, bigger and located at a distance less than a kilometer from the previous temple. The new Cathedral was also dedicated in honor of our lady.

Since then, the chapel has practically ceased to be used for sacred purposes and quickly fell into disrepair. During the Nazi occupation, it housed the school. After the war, we had to disassemble the bell, which was in so poor condition that posed a danger to visitors. Only in 1981 the Church was in safe hands, and began restoration work. Vintage the interior of the Cathedral is not preserved, the stained glass Windows are also modern, they were made in 1990.

Since 1989, the chapel of St. Anne serves as the cultural center of the city, as well as exhibition and concert hall. With 2012 here each winter, traditionally held the exhibition dedicated to the Christmas Nativity as made by local craftsmen and imported from all over the world.