/ / The Chapel Of St. Jerome: photo, description Chapelle Saint-Jerome d'argeles)

The Chapel Of St. Jerome: photo, description Chapelle Saint-Jerome d'argeles)

The chapel of St. Jerome is one of the oldest buildings of the town Arge-sur-Mer located in the South of France in the region Languedoc - Roussillon, on the border with Spain. In this area, the Catalan language is also widely spoken as French.

A small stone chapel perched on top of a hill at the very Eastern end of the Pyrenees. There is a beautiful view on the valley and the countryside of Roussillon. The temple is surrounded by forest, consisting mainly of cork oaks and other trees typical of the Mediterranean region.

The Church was built in the X century before the birth of Romanesque architecture. It is a modest structure with a single nave and vaulted apse. Above the Western facade of the Church stands the belfry arch. Only the walls of the buildings cut through only the three Windows - all of which are different shapes but approximately the same small size. Around the southern window of the stands bordering its stone arch, which is a typical decoration of the pre-Romanesque style. In General, it affects the safety and integrity of masonry structures.

Inside, the nave and apse are separated from each other by a small arch, which is also widespread in pre-Romanesque style. Wall painting, unfortunately, is in extremely poor condition, so a positive ID is not possible. Among the interior decoration of the middle Ages preserved precessional cross, which now leave their thank-you notes and requests for the prayers of the congregation, and the ancient candelabrum, used for the same purpose.

Currently, the temple is open for tourist visits. To climb the hill on foot via a paved gravel road, and by car.