/ / The chapel of Sainte roseline: photos, description Chapelle Sainte-Roseline)

The chapel of Sainte roseline: photos, description Chapelle Sainte-Roseline)

The chapel of Sainte roseline is one of the oldest medieval buildings of the town of Les arcs, var Department, Provence - Alpes - Cote d'azur, South East France.

The Church was built in the XI century and was part of a huge Abbey of Celle-Roubaud, named after the Holy hermit, who founded here a small monastery. The first mention of the Abbey relate to the year 1038. The monastery did not belong to a single monastic order in the year 1200 his backers were the Templars, and then settled here the Benedictines, and from 1260 to 1420 - the Cartesians. Since 1504 the Abbey became a Franciscan, was re-consecrated in honor of St. Catherine of Alexandria and was noted for its strict monastic Charter. Unfortunately, from the monastic buildings apart from the main temple and the surrounding cloister is nothing left.

The chapel of Sainte roseline became known under its current name since the nineteenth century. Its name it owes to the blessed the king, and abbess of this monastery, who lived in the early fourteenth century. After his death in 1329 she made many miracles, contributed to the expulsion of the demons from the possessed and appeared in visions to the other nuns. Her mummified relics, deemed miraculous, presented to this chapel in a crystal coffin. Rosaline - one of the patron saints of the region, and for the past six centuries pilgrims flock to Les arcs.

Inside the Church is brightly decorated - especially the retablo (altarpiece) 1541 depicting the Nativity. The sides are sculpted groups of the XVI century.

In 1969, underwent extensive restoration work, and in 1975 the Church was decorated with mosaics and the famous stained glass Windows by Marc Chagall depicting the life and miracles of the Holy Rosalina. In 1980, the chapel of Sainte roseline was recognized as a monument of history and architecture of France.