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Cardiac: photos, description (Cardaillac)

Cardiac is a beautiful old village in the South of France, region MIDI - Pyrenees. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Now there are nearly 600 people.

The first mention of this village belong to the VIII century, they were granted local feudal Lord king Pepin the Short, father of Charlemagne. The land is notable for its rich fertile soil.

In 1064 the señores de Cardiak, received the title of Baron, built on a cliff of the fortifications, which later developed into a powerful castle. In 1188 he was captured by the troops of the English king Richard the Lionheart. At the moment all constructions of that time have remained only three towers, Dating from the XIII century.

The town managed to avoid destruction during the troubled times of wars and revolutions. In 1598, the inhabitants of the city went over to Protestantism, and the Great French revolution of 1789, they also met with enthusiasm.

May 11 1944 the Nazi occupants surrounded the city, conducted numerous interrogations and searches, trying to find representatives of the liberation Resistance movement. Three residents of the city were executed by the Nazis. Subsequently, this group went to the town Oradour-sur-Glane with a punitive mission, during which this settlement was completely destroyed.

Now the village of Kargyak has become quite popular among tourists because of the authentic historical buildings and picturesque views. In addition to the defensive towers of the XIII century, it is also worth noting the area with wells of Manganese - the city's main drinking water reservoir, the mansion of the XVIII century and the Saint-Julien Cathedral is the only Catholic Church in town. Also there is the city historical Museum.