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Castelnou: photos, description (Castelnou)

The name Languedoc village Castelnou translates as "new castle". She got it from the structure, which was erected in the local mountains in the tenth century.

Municipality Castelo located on the border with Spain, in the Department Langudoc-Roussillon in the Eastern Pyrenees. One of the neighbouring cities of Perpignan.

At the end of the tenth century there was built a fortress, which was intended for the protection of Vallespir is a small region, annexed to France in the mid-seventeenth century. The castle belonged to the viscounts Castelnou. In the XVI century the building was destroyed by the troops of the Governor of Roussillon, and remained in this condition until the late nineteenth century. Then the castle was purchased by a private individual, and after Bank. Was carried out reconstruction, and the castle was opened for tourists.

The village that grew up around the castle, included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France" and has about 350 inhabitants. Many of them returned to the village after the Second world war. The main material from which was built the village houses, was a local stone. Some buildings were built of stone, which the inhabitants took in the ruins of a former castle.

The village has still preserved several medieval buildings - for example, the gate of the XIV century the Port de Miler - fortified with two towers and the entrance to the settlement. The local Church of St-Marie-de-Vence existed already in the middle of the XIII century and originally was located behind the walls of the village. In the XVIII century, its building was enlarged, the sacristy and the bell tower. And the very first religious building in Castello was the chapel Saint-Pierre, built on the site of the castle. Even before the castle was built a Tour-de-Castello lookout tower, located on a hill next to it. The tower was built in the VIII century and then became part of the fortifications Castello.